Peter Adams Lab

Epigenetics of Cancer and Aging

Job Opportunities

Applications are invited from ambitious, independent, and motivated researchers to join the lab, investigating the epigenetics of aging and cancer. The specific project in the broad epigenetics-cancer-aging area can be discussed, but possible projects include: 1) investigating age-dependent epigenetic changes that lead to increased incidence of cancer with age; 2) mechanism of formation of pro-inflammatory “cytoplasmic chromatin fragments (CCF)” (activators of cGAS/STING pathway) in senescent cells; 3) mechanisms and consequence of DNA methylation clocks; 4) defining mechanisms of chromatin homeostasis (“chromostasis”) that facilitate epigenetic and phenotypic stability and healthy aging; and 5) epigenetic dysregulation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia that can be exploited for the development of novel therapies.

San Diego is an outstanding research environment for biological sciences, with several highly collaborative research institutions, SBP, Salk Institute, UCSD and Scripps, located within minutes of each other, on beautiful Torrey Pines Mesa, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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